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Bob the Fossil Guy

Event Start Date: 8/15/2017 11:30 AM

Event End Date: 8/15/2017 12:30 PM

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Otterville Library

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Otterville Library Presents:

Bob the Fossil Guy

Have you ever found a fossil on the beach? In the woods? In your own backyard? 

Bring your fossils to show Bob the Fossil Guy (he may be able to identify what it is you have found)

Come join us at the Otterville library and watch Bob the Fossil Guy's amazing fossil show! See and touch the many different fossils he has in his collection!

Receive your own shark tooth!

Ages 6 years to adult 

No Registration Required!

For more information contact us at 519 - 879 - 6984 or email us at ottervillelibrary@ocl.net